Sterling Silver Ring Bands

Sterling Silver Ring Bands

Sterling Silver Ring Bands from the American Southwest are inherently different from other types of Silver Ring Bands you find in the general marketplace. Southwestern Sterling Silver Jewelry began in 1865 when a Navajo Blacksmith, Atsidi Sani, learned how to work Silver from the Spaniards who were in the area in search for Silver and Gold. Spanish influenced designs have been prevalent in Southwest Silver Jewelry and Sterling Silver Ring Bands alike. Durango Silver Company respects our Southwestern heritage and continues to use these beautiful designs that have been handed down to us for many generations.

We invite you to view our informational presentation as well as the Sterling Silver Rings Bands we presently have available.

Sterling Silver Ring Bands

The Sterling Silver Ring Band above is a classic design that resembles early Southwestern Silver Jewelry design.

Southwestern Style Sterling Silver Rings Bands

Southwestern style Jewelry incorporates elements of the earth from the sky to the sea, from the deserts to the mountains, the rays of the sun and the stars of the night. It has a natural, holistic and native ora about it and when made in Silver it sooths the sole of many. A Sterling Silver Ring Band from the American Southwest is much more than another piece of Jewelry - check these Sterling Silver Ring Bands out!

Sterling Silver Ring Bands with Turquoise Antique Style Sterling Silver Ring Bands

To the left is a men’s Silver and Turquoise Band Ring in a Southwestern design. This Ring has a sunburst design that is tooled into each side of a blue Turquoise gemstone. Turquoise is the gemstone of choice for Southwestern Jewelers and Sterling Silver is the precious metal that has been use primarily for the Jewelry that has been made in this area since Atsidi Sani began in 1865. This particular Sterling Silver Ring Band has a beautiful Turquoise stone from the Dry Creek Turquoise Mine which is located in Nevada USA. As you can see, this Silver Ring has a distinct look about it and that is Southwestern.

To the right is a Southwestern Sterling Silver Ring Band that was created by John Hartman of Durango Silver Company. This Ring Band has a natural earthy appearance as the bands of Silver that are on each side of the center domes have been pounded into a sandstone rock which gives them this texture. The Ring now takes on a rustic or midlevel style which is how old Spanish Silver would have looked like 150 years ago. This Sterling Silver Ring Band fits many peoples lifestyles still today as it looks bold and colorful when worn and it is a unique ring that you do not see being made outside of the American Southwest.

Greek Key Sterling Silver Ring Bands Native American Sterling Silver Ring Bands

To the left is a Sterling Silver Ring Band by John Hartman of Durango Silver Company. The Greek Key design has been used for hundreds of years in many parts of the world, this design originated from ancient civilizations and was taken around the world by Nomadic Traders. The Spaniards brought the Greek Key design as well as many other's to North American in the mid to later 1400's. The focal point of this Sterling Silver Ring Band is the classic Greek Key design. To each side of the design are two horizontal lines that give this Ring its unique definition.. We invite you to view more information on this Sterling Silver Ring Band by visiting its presentation page.

Above and to the right is a Native American made Manassa Turquoise Silver Ring Band by Navajo artist Derrick Gordon. This Sterling Silver Ring could be used aa a mens or a women's The forest green Manassa Turquoise cabochon is bezel set and surrounded by a classic cable design. This Native American Turquoise Ring would be a great addition to any Jewelry collection. Visit the presentation page for this beautiful Navajo Sterling Silver Ring Band by following this link.

Sterling Silver Ring Bands Inlaid with Gemstones Wide Sterling Silver Ring Bands

To the left is a great Sterling Silver Ring Band that has been hand inlaid with Sugilite. Sugilite comes from South Africa, however, very little has been coming out of there for the past several years so it is becoming very scarce. The design of this Silver Ring Band is classic to the Southwest but unusual to the world. You can often find Sugilite Sterling Silver Ring Bands at Durango Silver Company as they have a large old supply of Sugilite.

To the right is a Silver Wedding Ring by John Hartman. Simplistic yet elegant is the best words that describe this wide sterling silver ring band. The design of this Silver Wedding Ring is geometrical raised stamped flutes of Silver with solid bands of Silver to each side. This is a wide Ring Band, but not to wide to be uncomfortable. Actually, this is a very comfortable Silver Ring Band for both men and women to wear and it is an attractive Silver Wedding Band.

Cable Design Sterling Silver Ring Band Handmade Sterling Silver Ring Bands

To the above left is a cable design Sterling Silver Ring Band or many like it as a Silver Wedding Ring, it was designed by John Hartman of Durango Silver Company, Durango Colorado USA. Both men and women's like to wear this Ring Band as it is simple yet very unique. The inner twining design makes this a great Silver Engagement Ring or a Silver Promise Ring as well. It was made twisting heavy gauge round Silver wire and then flattened it to create this great inner twining effect.

Above and to the right is a Gold Nugget and Italian Red Coral Ring Band by John Hartman. This stunning Ring Band focuses on the top grade natural Mediterranean Coral gemstone from Italy. This gorgeous piece of Coral is set in a 14k gold bezel. This sits atop a heavy sterling silver band which is inlaid with natural gold nuggets from Silverton, Colorado USA. The "Ox Blood" red coral in this ring is very rare and hard to find these days. You can view more images as well as additional information on this Gold and Sterling Silver Ring Band on its presentation page - check it out!

Quality Sterling Silver Rings Bands

Durango Silver Company produces quality Sterling Silver Rings Bands here in Durango, Colorado USA. We are proud of our Sterling Silver Jewelry, we work hard to produce high quality Sterling Silver Rings Bands as well as all of the other Silver Jewelry we make.

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